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The Meetup Tab
I don't know how many of you have used the Meetup tab shown next to your active match play board.

[Image: meetuptab1.png]

I used it today for the first time to schedule a time with my opponent to meet.  And it is a winner!

When you go to the dashboard it is the first item that is loaded up as a reminder that you commit.

In the Unfinished Matches Dashboard , the match item with meet-up times will display a summary of your and your opponent's "Meeting Times Offered".

[Image: meetuptab2.png]

Helpful to schedule playing times with opponents across the world.
Agreed!  I think it would be even better if the meet up tab was a different colour when it was in use so it was harder for your opponent to drop in, make a move, and ignore your offer of a time.
The Meetup Tool (shown in the Meetup Tab next to the playing board) is being improved every day.

Some lesser-known features of this tool are that the meeting times accepted can be added to your online appointment reminders, such as Google Calendar.
For any meet-up times where you and your opponent have accepted, a paper-clip icon will appear. In just a few more clicks, the appointment can be added to your online calendar.
[Image: meetuptab3.png]

Also when using the chat !ping command, the set of offered times and accepted times to meet up are included in the email sent to your opponent.

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