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Integrated Online Video Service
I have been investigating various online video meeting services for the purpose of adding this as a feature to SimplyBG.

The idea is to have audio and video, group meetings, side-by-side with an active backgammon match. Both opponents and kibitzers would be able to join the online video session.

I feel this feature would significantly improve the online playing experience.

Adding this feature to the SimplyBG site would introduce additional costs as imposed by the service providers of the video streaming service companies.

This would be the 1st add-on feature we would provide at SimplyBG. It would be an elective feature that you would choose to enable on your account.

If the idea of group video and chat integrated with the backgammon playboard is something that you are interested in, let me know your thoughts to help me proceed with this work.

Thank you, Frank
I would support this. I think it will be fun.
Personally I like the little distance that working through text and hiding behind an avatar gives me when playing on the site. Video would make it closer to playing face to face, and I am not sure that I would want to keep "meeting" new folk. As it is I can play matches from my bed and irrespective of what I am wearing.

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