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Recent Questions Seen in the Chat Boards
Question: How do you see what your ELO is?

                  The best place to see your ELO is on the Dashboard Player Stats Page .

Question: Why does it seem the dice auto-roll is enabling itself?

                  The dice will indeed automatically engage in an auto-roll state whenever your turn is in a position of no moves.
                  One example is when you have one or more checkers on the bar and your opponent has a full block in the HOME
                  board and the double-cube is not in play for you.

Question: How can I see if my opponent is actively viewing the playboard of our match?

                  There are a couple of ways to detect if an opponent is viewing the playboard.
                    1)  There is a red, yellow, or green dot in the upper left corner of the opponent avatar shown on the /play/ link.
                          When your opponent is active, the dot will be green or yellow when they viewed the board in the last few minutes.
                          And red otherwise.  At times this dot may be flashing a white/red pattern. This is an indicator that your opponent is
                          active at the site and is viewing one of the pages that will notify them if it is their turn.
                    2)   The Dashboard Matches page shows all your unfinished matches.  Whenever your opponent is actively viewing the
                          match, a green lightbulb icon is shown in the list nearest the player's name. The lightbulb icon will appear grey otherwise.

Question: Is there a setting for me to play against "the computer"?

                  No. SimplyBG is 100%, real players.

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