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World Cup, Top of the Hour, Single Sitting Competition.
Matches in this competition are all single-sitting, head-to-head with just two opponents, or in a single-elimination tournament up to 16 players.

The Parlour: the World Cup , ( ) will be used to play matches in this competition.

These single-sitting matches will be governed by timer-enabled matches. Each participant will be required to meet simultaneously to start the match.

There are a variety of tools available to help you and your opponent select meetup times that work for both schedules and time zones.

Play when you can, every hour, or whenever your schedule allows.  Earn points for completed matches in the competition.

Standings will be maintained and published over several weeks and months.

I invite you to reply to this thread with questions, comments, or suggestions.

This post will be updated as more details become available. Use the "Subscribe" checkboxes below to be notified when these updates happen.

In timer enabled matches what is the penalty for failing to move on time? Forfeit move or game? Loud and annoying noise?
Both opponents start with a "bank" of time. 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This time is for the whole match. Then you have 11 seconds per every turn to start and finish, use the cube, roll, and move.  Whenever you exceed 11s in a move, your "bank" time ticks down.  If you let your "bank" time ticks down to zero, your opponent will be granted the ability to add 15 seconds to your "bank" time or force a forfeit on you.

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