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Starting A New Match With Timer Enabled
There are several ways to invite an opponent to play a match with the timer enabled.

Be sure to review the Timers Documentation Page  for complete details on the play timers.

All matches are initiated by either a direct "invite" to an opponent or an "offer" to play a match in which the opponent would "take".

No matter which method you choose, all matches are created using the match-specifications tool.  To offer a match with timer, you enable the timer feature in your "invite" or in your "offer".

Follow these steps to create an "invite" that is saved as a "token" that can be used many times to create the same match specifications.

1) Go to the Dashboard, the "Invites Token Manager " page to create an invite token with timer enabled, this link: dashboard invites

2) Use the A:"Create a New Token" button to open the match-specification tool. Be sure to select B:"Play Timer:" option, relaxed, fast, or rapid.

3) Enable your new match invite offer to show in your list of offers in the "Ready To Play" tool of the Openplay Parlour  by C:clicking on the circle-up-arrow icon.

Steps 2 and 3,  follow A:, B:, C: ...

[Image: invite_with_timer.png]

Once your Invite Token is created, whenever you use the "Ready To Play" button, this token with the timer enabled match will be in your list for opponents to take you upon your offer to play.

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