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Your Co-op for Online Backgammon
Yes, you have found the best place to play Backgammon online.

See: What is the best backgammon website to play online? and leave your vote. is your online backgammon co-op.

co-op: A cooperative (also known as co-operative, or coop) is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly operated and democratically controlled enterprise.

Don't just come to SimplyBG to play backgammon. Come to engage others to play backgammon. Take part in this community forum, use the free tournaments (or volunteer to take the helm of one of the public tournaments), and more.

Offer ways of making it better for yourself and others by using the Feedback tool and this forum.

Making the best of SimplyBG includes your participation in the community.

Everyone here is treated equally. No one is above or below anyone else.

When you became a member of SimplyBG, you joined the co-op and that gives you all the clout you need to have the best online backgammon experience.
How does everyone like the advertisement-free backgammon? SimplyBG is a rare place on the Internet. The last of those sites is void of ads.

Thanks to all you subscribers.

Thank you.
I have played for three years on SimplyBG. A fun place for all levels of competition.

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