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Common Nomenclatures of the Backgammon Board
In our discussions and documentation on the game of Backgammon, we often want to refer to the board using common names.

Here are some common names you can use in your discussions of the backgammon board:

The backgammon board has 24 triangles referred to as "points" on the board.

The board has four segments referred to as Home (aka Inner), Outer, Opponent Outer, and Opponent Home.

Your Home board may also be referred to as your Inner board.

Your Home board contains points numbered 1 thru 6. On the opposite side, the Opponent Home board contains points numbered 19 thru 24.

The points have common nicknames for them.  Point 7, just outside of your Home board is referred to as your Bar Point. Point 18 is your opponent's Bar point.  Point 13 is referred to as your Midpoint (12 your opponent's Midpoint). And point 5 is often referred to as the Golden Point.

For more details and useful references, see the Backgammon Game Basic page at the Backgammon Play Venue .

For use in your content within this forum, you can show dice in your text using [die]1..6[/die].  Dice appear as: , , etc.

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