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Full Version: Players' names jumping in Players List
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I keep wondering, if I'd be the only one who is annoyed by the behavior of the players' list in the Openplay parlour Opponents list.
Items in the list can only be sorted by that "Sort" button, which offers to sort after "Most relevant"(?).
Also, the items on that list keep jumping around.
Is there a deeper meaning with that?


Thomas, the list of players is under constant automatic sort. The list is always sorted to show those players who are most significant to you in regards to getting an new match underway or finishing one already started.

To keep the list from jumping while your looking for a specific member, you have a couple easy ways to interact with the Players List.

First, you can click the Name column and enter the a name to filter the list. This will shorten the list and the cause the automatic sort to be minimal.

Second, there is a "sort" button at the top of the list. This will sort the list and then pause the automatic sorting for about 15 seconds and the jumping of the list.

Hope this helps.