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Audio feedback on Unfinished games page
anybody else missing that?
Whenever there's a change on said page it would be nice to have a sound playing.

Cheers, /T
There are already a variety of sounds on all of the pages where the page is changing dynamically, including the page showing unfinished matches.

The unfinished matches page is here:

For example, the list of your unfinished matches is updating about once every minute or so. When a change in your turn happens, a sound is played.
As well the item will show in the last with a green (or grayed) background.

When your opponent uses the chat board of the match, the opponent's avatar will show the chat-bubble icon and will make the familiar chat sound the same for all the chat boards.
Thank you Hank, looks like I never noticed. I left the Unfinished matches tab open and stared at it.

And then it DID make a sound when my turn became active.


Cheers, /T

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