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Handicap/Team Tournaments
Are you interesting in participating in a just for fun tournament with handicaps? 

I am experimenting with handicaps in a just-for-fun tournament. For example, someone with an ELO of, say 1500, would start out with 2 points ahead in the a 7 point match when playing somebody with an larger ELO, like say of 1600.

These matches would be unrated therefor no ELO changes will occur on the outcome of the match.

This type of competition might open the doors for stronger players to offer playing time to those with lower ELOs giving those an opportunity to improve with experience. Unrated handicap play would introduce advice and feedback during play by either opponent, spectators, team members, etc.  Gaining support for knowing when to run, hit, offer the cube, decline the cube, etc.

Interested? Post a reply here to let me know.
Sounds like a great idea. There is no downside, only upside as players who participate would go in with the right mind set. Would eliminate players who can't even say hello!
Maybe make the matches for 9 points. Anyone under 1500 starts with 3 points, 1500-1599 starts with 2 points, 1600-1700 starts with 1 point. This COULD also apply to 7-point matches, but starting 3-0 down in a 7 point match might be a bit too tough - but we could try it anyway!!
Great idea, Jeremy!

If it could be parameter-based (extra work for Frank, I know), we could experiment with tiers, each having its own handicap. Over time, we could fine tune the tiers/handicaps without the need for Frank/Hank to intervene.
While my first thought was that there's a strong element of "luck" in bg that has allowed me to win a match against an 1800+ ELO opponent (I tend to live under 1400), the suggestion to "introduce advice and feedback during play by either opponent, spectators, team members, etc." sounds like a real learning experience. This might mean a slightly longer than usual match but worth the time invested. I practice a couple of sports where handicaps are a matter of course.
There have been times when I've wanted to suggest a move was a mistake but prefer not to sound like a know-it-all and opt to keep quiet.
I agree with Pat. I would like the critiques. Plus I always get to start with the extra points.
I would be keen to try something like this - sounds a great idea.
I am glad respondents are keen so far. Two notes:
In a horse race the handicapper has done a perfect job if all the horses cross the finish at the same time. The equivalent in bg should be that the high and the low ELO player each win 50% of the time..... ie it should be tough for you Pete!
The "offering of advice" in a team sport might be more of an entertainment than a lesson. Think of the Ryder Cup. You might have to decide whose advice to trust Phil!
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Hi Jeremy,

This sounds like fun and I would be interested in participating. I'm up for some pointers from people more knowledgeable!



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