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SimplyBG strives to support all Internet enabled devices, desktops, tablets, handhelds, and more. And since SimplyBG is a Web-Application, it depends on the Internet Web-Browser on your device to support basic functionality.

The browser you are running is known as the unknown-type browser.

SimplyBG does require the use of cookies and local storage (localStorage) in your web-browser. Be sure you have these two basic services of your browser enabled, see: How to Enable cookies and local storage.

Common in most all modern browsers are "extension", also known as "addons" or "plugins". For a summary of extensions/addons and how to list them, enable them, disable them, or install them, see: Extensions Summary

Many of these devices have the ability to run many different Web-Browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Silk, Mozilla Firefox, the Brave Browser, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Slimjet, Netscape, QupZilla, Konqueror, Epiphany and many others.

There exists a vast variety of compliance and feature supported in these Internet Web-Browsers. This page is dedicate to helping you understand what you'll expect from your device and preferred Web-Browser when playing backgammon at SimplyBG.

Recommended Browsers

In most cases, any problems you're experiencing with SimplyBG on your device will likely be remedied by simply switching to on the the preferred free browsers, the Brave Browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Most likely you were able to connect with SimplyBG and begin playing without issues. If you are experiencing play issues, please continue reviewing the support notes on this page relevant to your specific setup.. If your particular device and Web-Browser are not noted here, and you're experiencing problems, please use the Feedback form found on the /play/ page where the backgammon board is shown. The Feedback form will not only send your message, it will report specific details about the platform you're running on, release versions included.

The Brave Browser

No known issues.
This browser is the one we recommend for most stable SimplyBG play.
Site: the Brave Browser,


The software seems to log alerts and warnings relating to Firefox version 48.0. Upgrade to latest version of Firefox resolves most, if not all, issues.
Site: Get Mozilla Firefox

Apple/Mac Safari

Although many players use Safari without issues, several have experienced problems with audio not work and checkers not moving, specifically with version 12 or newer. If you are experiencing problems, consider switching to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, both are available as free installs on Apple systems.
Note, Private Browsing in Safari will not work since Safari will disable "localStorage" in this mode.

Google Chrome

No known issues.
Site: Get Google Chrome

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle uses a browser known by the name "Silk". There are no known issues.


No known issues.

Microsoft Edge

No known issues, although some users have had issues with "localStorage" not working. See this link for details: localStorage Not working in Edge

According to the article posted there, you may need to do these steps:
Repair / Reset Edge
Windows Key+i > Apps > Click Edge > Advanced Options
Repair - No data will be impacted.

You should also check for the extension "Norton Web Safe" and disable it if is installed and enabled. If you need assistance with Extensions in Edge, see this page: How to install Extensions in Microsoft Edge


No known issues.


Other than issues noted above relating to the Safari Web-Browser, no known issues.

Microsoft Surface

No known issues.

Last updated: 2020-12-30