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    We rely solely on subscriptions to keep us online.

    Play backgammon online with friends and family and have the opportunity to meet new, challenging, opponents.

    Your membership puts you into an exclusive community of players who respect one another.

    Our members play backgammon free of distractions or advertisements.

    Features of our Online Backgammon Play Venue

    SimplyBG.com is a premiere online backgammon play venue for the most serious players of the game.

    We provide a superb play environment to manage your backgammon play.

    All players are welcome, experienced and beginners.

    At SimplyBG.com you choose your opponents. You can tag players as favorite. Making it easy to play family and friends.

    Checkout all current and upcoming features of SimplyBG on the Features Page
    About SimplyBGSimplyBG.com is where you play backgammon online against another real players.
    SimplyBG is no different than your at-home board, except for being on the cloud. Play on the go at any time from anywhere. See more at the About SimplyBG.com page.
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    SimplyBG can be followed on a variety of cloud platforms and more.

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    No APP needed

    SimplyBG is a Web-Application. What this means is that you can play backgammon from anywhere without ever needing to download or install anything. SimplyBG works directly from your browser.

    SimplyBG works on all devices that are capable of connection to the Internet. This includes iPhone, Android mobile phones, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Edge, and more.

    SimplyBG identifies when you are running from a mobile device and adapts to fit your screen and device.
    Rules of Backgammon

    Backgammon is a wonderful game and an easy one to learn too.

    It had been played for centuries with little change.

    The basic rules are quite simple and it takes no more than a few minutes to learn. Mastering the game takes a bit longer.

    See the rules of backgammon to learn how to play.