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About is where you play head-to-head backgammon against another real player. Not bots (robots) or play vs computer is available here. SimplyBG is exactly the same as your at-home play board, except SimplyBG is on the cloud.

Unless specifically requested, your match will be rated and an ELO is maintained for you. Match play can be viewed and watched live by other members of SimplyBG as non-participants, unless the match is marked-private. SimplyBG supports a variety of match play, including Money Play Rules, the Crawford Rule, and Nackgammon, Longgammon and Hypergammon starting positions are available.

At you can play single-game matches or multiple-game matches. You can also participate in regularly organized backgammon tournaments and play against many opponents. See a full list of backgammon features.

Registration and match-play are free. There are no software installation requirements, no downloads, no plugins, nothing to install. is ready from your Internet web-browser or from any personal computing device; laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

To get started, create an account using your email address as your login-id. Registration is simple. On the login screen, provide your email and a password and press the Login button. In one click you will be registered and ready to go.

Your information is safe with us. See our, easy to read, Privacy Policy.

Once you are logged-in, you can invite opponents to matches any of the parlours you have access to. Everyone has access to the Open Play Parlour. There is also a special parlour containing all your past opponents, the My Opponents Parlour is a good place to create pinned match invitations.

How Works uses Web-services provided by for complete game match and tournament play management. All dice rolls are produced by www.Random.Org. Board display, animations, play and player interaction management uses built-in browser technologies.

The design of the platform is one that considers all potential instabilities computers, Internet and technology in general may have. and are solid-state in that these systems guarantee play management, dice roll management, game rules management, and player turn management flawlessly.

In addition to using www.Random.Org for dice rolls, a queue management system ensures the distribution of the rolls are never duplicated or missed. As well, an early detection system is in place to detect any failures before any game play is effected.

Game stats are maintained and locked-in at the moment a player performs a roll, a move, a double challenge or offers a resign. Once an action is taken in a game, it is committed and safe.

Thank You

We hope you enjoy playing at SimplyBG, and find it has opened opportunities to play backgammon with your closest opponent, or you're able to find new opponents here as well.