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Play timers are an optional feature of match play. Often, timers in matches are used in tournament events. Playing a timed match brings new strategy to your game.

Many organizations have defined specifications for timed matched.For example, the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF) uses a timer of 2 minutes per the number of points in the match plus 12 seconds delay after each turn before the clock starts for the opponent.This works well for face-to-face play.For online backgammon, these rules would be difficult to implement and do not address issues relating to matches being played online.

Play Timers

Effective Timer for Online Backgammon Match Play

Online play timers must be sensitive and tolerant to all kinds of non-play issues, such as Internet connectivity issues, computer faults, and other technical aspects that exist with online play and may affect time.

The timer at SimplyBG been designed specifically to accommodate online backgammon play.

Specification of the SimplyBG Timer

The default play timer for backgammon play at is based on the following parameters:

Based on these parameters, the average time for one game is 3.8 minutes per player (231 seconds per player), just under 8 minutes per game total.
Matches up to length 41 can be played with a timer.

SimplyBG Backgammon Play Timer
Fig.1 - SimplyBG Backgammon Play Timer.

How the Timer Works in Match Play

Once a match has started, the timer is running non-stop until the match finishes.
Depending on the player turn or player-focus (considering resign offers and double challenges), time for the active player is being consumed.
Both players are provided with a total time to play and a number of stop timer events.
The number of stop timer events is based on the match length as follows:

A stop timer event is triggered automatically in the match play after 66 seconds. The timers for both players will be stopped until the player who triggered the stop resumes play.
Stop time events can occur a maximum number of times for the entire match.
The amount of the stop timer event, 66 seconds, is charged to the player-focus, and no more. Even if the player-focus remains idle.
Once a player has used up all their stop timer events, no further time interruptions are given consideration for stopping the clock.
This player must remain active as all future times are computed in literal time, infinitely, and without limit.

Strategic Tipes and Courtesy of Timed Matches

Given the understanding of how the timers start, are paused and are resume, each opponent in the match should be communicative whenever possible about planned stops and avoid restarting the clocks when the opponent is absent.
If you are running low on time, resign a game as soon you know you're not going to win the game. This will help to preserve your clock.
Try to play only from stable, reliable networks and from a stable, fast and reliable web-browser.
Use the convenient toggle for enabling and disabling the automatic dice rolls when appropriate.For example, when no strategic challenges exist otherwise, especially when blocked on the bar with no intension of using the doubling cube, enable autoroll.

SimplyBG Timer FAQ

Q: Are timers mandatory for matches at SimplyBG?

A: No. Like all match specifications at SimplyBG, enabling the timer play is completely optional.

Q: Can I select the time specifications on the timer?

A: The timer has predefined settings based on match length, average moves per game, and average time to move. You can always request a customer timer or suggest improvements or adjustments.

Q: What happens when time runs out?

A: Nothing, if the timer was not enabled as part of a mandtory clock. When a mandatory clock is associated to a match, like in tournament play, the player who runs out of time will be charged with a match loss. Zero time on your play timer trumps any score of the match.

Custom Timers

Custom timer designs can be implemented upon request. Please use the Feedback button on the right.

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