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    Play Timers at SimplyBG.com  

    Play timers are an optional feature of match play. Often, timers in matches are used in tournament events. Playing a timed match brings new strategy to your game.

    Play Timers

    Three SimplyBG Timers

    There currently exists three different timer speeds in which you can enable for your match play.

    The slowest speed of the three is named Relaxed. This timer allows up to 13 seconds each turn and a starting clock of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Your main clock only decrements if you take more than 13 seconds in your turn. The timer starts when the game focus is on you. This includes the time you take to roll or ponder using the double cube, if in play.

    The medium timer is named Fast. This timer allows 9 seconds each turn. Players begins with 2 minutes on the clock.

    The fastest timer is named Rapid. You are given just 6 seconds each turn. The main clock for this timer varies based on the length of the match.

    Timer play does have an exciting aspect to it. Since there are 3 speeds, you will find the medium speed, the Fast to be the most exhilerating.
    The Rapid speed timer is intense to say the least. Players using the Rapid timer should be quick players already.
    The Relaxed timer is good for eliminating the frustration of opponents who dabble or procrastinate in rolling or moving. This timer gives them some measurement of playing pace. It doesn't necessarily rush them. But keeps the pace going nicely.

    Tips for Fun Timer Play

    To enjoy playing with the timers, it's best to be prepared. The Relaxed timer aside, the Fast and Rapid timers are an exciting aspect of play and require attention.
    Here are some tips to help you get started:

    SimplyBG Timer FAQ

    Q: Which timer is my timer? Which is my opponents?

    A: The top timer is your time. The bottom timer is your opponent's time.

    Q: Are timers mandatory for matches at SimplyBG?

    A: No. Like all match specifications at SimplyBG, enabling the play timer is completely optional.

    Q: Can I select the time specifications on the timer?

    A: The SimplyBG.com timer has three predefined settings based on match length, average moves per game, and average time to move. We welcome custom timer requests or suggestions on improvements or adjustments to the SimplyBG timer.

    Q: What happens when time runs out?

    A: The match is forfeited by the player who's timer runs out. The score of the match is set to zero for the loosing player. The winning player is awarded points equal to the match length plus the double cube value at the time the clock expired.

    Q: What if you have to use the restroom or do a quick chore. Is there a way to stop the timer?

    A: No. Timed matches are an optional setting on matches, same as cube/no-cube setting. When timed matches are started, both players are given an alert popup to not begin until they have contact the opponent (probably in the chat of the playboard) to confirm each are ready. That's your chance to go to the restroom and finish chores.
    At the moment the player with the opening turn pressed OK to finish that move, the timers begin. At this time, there is no way to pause the timer.
    Before you start the timers, be sure to take the dog out, go potty, turn off the phone, etc. That's the nature of playing with a timer.

    Q: What happens when the match ends?

    A: When the timer for one of the players reaches zero, the player who still has time on the clock is presented with the option to extend or end the match. If the choice is made to extend, both timers will have an additional 15 seconds added.
    This is a feature that can be used for cases of unexpected interruptions causing a match loss outside of game play. If you are experiencing issues outside of game play, be sure to communicate with your opponent so that they are aware and may opt to extend the timers rather than end the match.

    Q: Is the an option to take a win when the one of the timers reaches zero?

    A: Yes. The player who's timer has not expired, has the option of taking the win, or extending the timers equally for both opponents a fixed amount of 15 seconds.

    Q: Is the an option to take extend timers always enabled?

    A: Mostly, yes. The ability of a player to extending the timers is enabled by default in timer enabled matches. However, some instances, such as the "Single Sitting Matches", this option is disabled. Also, of the match playing time has exceeded 30 minutes, the ability to extend will no long be offered.

    Q: What happens when your take too long to complete your turn? (more than 13s, 9s or 6s limits)

    A: On every turn, you are allotted a certain amount of time to start and complete your turn, 13 seconds, 9 seconds or 6 seconds for the Relaxed, Fast, and Rapid timers respectively.
    If you complete your move within that amount of time, no time is taken off your main clock allocation.
    The main clock must not reach zero before the match ends otherwise the match is ended in a forfeit.

    Q: This all sounds very complicated. Why would I want to play my matches with a timer?

    A: The Relaxed timer is slow enough to provide an easy playing pace. In this case the timer forces each opponent to start and finish the match in one sitting. Relaxed timer play is non-rushed and eliminates procrastination in players.
    Pitting your skills against another player with the restriction of time creates an new dimension and challenge of play. It may take some practice. And playing with a timer does require a shift in play. The challenges a timer offers to improve your game.
    Beginners to timer play should start by using the Relaxed timer. Only power players should try using the Rapid.
    You can always practice in un-rated matches to avoid ELO loss.

    Q: Why do the matches with play timers require a confirmation by both players to begin?

    A: The play timers require opponents to both be active to start the match. There is a "Ready to Begin" confirmation you are asked for when you first come to the board. If you confirm and then step away without unloading the playboard, there is a chance the timers will begin while you're away. This will only occur if your opponent finishes the 1st move of the match. Even though a request for your opponent to use the chat board to confirm you are ready, they may not. Of course, if the timer starts and you are not present, your clock will wind down and you result in a forfeiture of the match. In a rated match, your ELO would be adjusted with the loss.

    Q: My account shows play timers are not enabled. How can I get the play timers enabled on my account?

    A: Once you have completed your first timed match with another who has timed matches enabled, your account will automatically be activated to initiate timed matches with others.

    Custom Timers

    Custom timer designs can be implemented upon request. Please use the Feedback button on the right.

      The Play Timers at SimplyBG.com are Copyright protected by Finkle Enterprises, LLC 2022. All rights reserved. Used by permission only.