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SimplyBG supports ELO Rating System. All match-play, unless otherwise disabled, is rated at the conclusion of the match using the ELO system.

Attention New Members: Transfer your ELO from your current online playing site into your account here at SimplyBG.
If you have an ELO from another club (e.g. Gridgammon or other) that has as credible ELO management system, you can have your ELO brough into your SimplyBG account!
After creating your account, use the contact form to provide us with your ELO details. Your ELO will be validated and imported into your account.

Registration is free. There are no software installation requirements, no downloads, no plugins. is compatible with all devices, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Finding An Opponent

Visit the Parlour Lobby to find an opponent currently connected to, or visit the Tournaments page to join in on impromptu and regularly scheduled tournaments.

Use the Invitation Manager tool to invite others to come play here at

Come play the oldest and cruelest game, Backgammon

Welcome to where you can partake in playing the world's oldest board game, Backgammon, head-to-head against other real players.

Backgammon is an exciting game that challenges the mind like no other. It is sometimes misunderstood as a simplistic game of random dice rolls and chip moves. In a short study, you will quickly learn this game is not as simple as it first appears.

The roots of Backgammon go way back to the Roman Empire and before. See references to the Royal Game of Ur, and Tabula. "Senat" sets, from which come modern day backgammon boards, have been found in tomb from ancient Egypt, Turkey and other middle eastern countries, almost all of which claim to be the birthplace of Backgammon, aka: Tavla, making the origin of the game over 5,000 years old.

Features and Rules

See a full list of our backgammon features.

See a quick overview of backgammon rules.

In The News

Google Hangouts not only provides a robust chat it also supports video phone calls. Google Hangouts is free with your free Google Account. Let Google Hangouts with Video Conferencing enhance your online play. See your opponent just like face-to-face play.

For details about Google Hangouts, see:

SimplyBG supports 100s of devices and desktops. But here's a pro-tip specifically for Firefox users. If you are playing at SimplyBG using the free Firefox browser, a built-in feature of Firefox are Add-ons. Add-ons extend the functionality of the browser. One interesting add-on is the Tile Tabs Add-on.

The Firefox add-on Tile Tabs, allows tabs to be displayed in tiled layouts within the browser. In each tiled layout, tiles can be arranged horizontally, vertically or in a grid.

Using this add-on, load SimplyBG in one of the tiled tabs, and Google Hangouts in another. Then tile these two tabs. This creates and fantastic online playing experience, play-board side-by-side with video conference with your opponent.

The Tile Tabs add-on provides an all-on-one solution, within a single browser, reducing the complexity of managing multiple windows on your desktop.

For details about Tile Tabs, go to: Tile Tabs, by DW-dev or to: Tile Tabs WE.

SimplyBG side-by-side with Google Hangouts Video
SimplyBG side-by-side with Google Hangouts Video

SimplyBG now has opponent talk, chat and video embedded within the playing board. Come, give it a try!

Posted by Simply Backgammon on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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