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Online Backgammon With Friends

Play backgammon online against real players, friends and family. Find a new opponent in one of our match-making parlours.

At SimplyBG there are no time limits for your matches. All games and matches are saved automatically so you can continue a match whenever you're online.

You can play backgammon using SimplyBG from anywhere, from your laptop, tablet or any mobile phone.
Play anywhere from any device
Play anywhere from any device.

Dice rolls are GUARANTEED random. See our statement on dice integrity here,

Player ratings supported using the ELO rating system.

Double-cube and Crawford Rule are supported.

Matches can be watched live by others, or played privately if you choose.

Support for Money Play Rules, Nackgammon, Longgammon and Hypergammon.

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Registration is free. Affordable membership packages. There are no software installation requirements, no downloads, no plugins. is compatible with all devices, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Are you looking to play a specific friend and want some assistance connecting with them? Try the Find My Friend tool.
Regular Backgammon Tournaments, weekly and daily
Regular Backgammon Tournaments, weekly and daily

Finding An Opponent

Find available opponents in the Openplay Parlour.

Or use the Invitation Manager tool to reach out to others to come play here, new members and existing members alike.

Support SimplyBG

We rely solely on subscriptions to keep us online.
With your support, you will be able to to continue playing backgammon online with friends and family and have the opportunity to meet new challenging opponents.

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SimplyBG T-Shirts
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Dice Statistics

Most Recent Dice Roll Statistics @ SimplyBG

The data below is a summary of the last 10,000 (20K dice) rolls of the most recently played games:
Dice 1 appeared 3,273 times (16.37%)
Dice 2 appeared 3,317 times (16.59%)
Dice 3 appeared 3,303 times (16.52%)
Dice 4 appeared 3,375 times (16.88%)
Dice 5 appeared 3,347 times (16.74%)
Dice 6 appeared 3,385 times (16.93%)

Double 1 appeared 244 times.
Double 2 appeared 261 times.
Double 3 appeared 262 times.
Double 4 appeared 304 times.
Double 5 appeared 280 times.
Double 6 appeared 255 times.

Last updated: Sat, 04-Feb-23 08:22 PM MST, 3 hours, 37 minutes ago.
Doubles appeared
overall @ 16.06%

See why our dice are random at the Dice Integrity Page.