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Your Email Privacy:
Your email address is used to uniquely identify you as an individual person, mainly for logging in, here at

We hold your email address in private; it is never transmitted or displayed or shared with other members.

Your email address is only used by us for the specific communications of match and tournaments that involve you.

For complete details, see our Privacy Policy.

Transfer Your ELO:
SimplyBG supports ELO Rating System. At the conclusion of your match, your ELO rating is updated.

Transfer your ELO from your current online playing site into your account here at SimplyBG.

If you have an ELO from another club that has as credible ELO management system, you can have your ELO brough into your SimplyBG account!

After creating your account, use the contact form to provide us with your ELO details. Your ELO will be validated and imported into your account.